Kingmaker - The hunt for power and glory

Exploration and Banditry

The PCs learn about a man who can make potions named Bokken. Oleg is also grateful for the PCs help getting rid of the bandits and he gives them 50 gold and items from his stockroom. The PCs take the horses that the bandits left and go and explore the hex east of Oleg’s and find an old hut with a crazy old man inside. They realize this man is Bokken and dislike his demeanour but would like magical information from him. Bokken asks the PCs if they will bring him fang berries and if they will kill his nasty brother. The PCs believe that this man does not have much to offer since They have an alchemist but somewhat agree to his request. The PCs returned Oleg’s to rest and speak with their prisoner and it is then that Oleg asks the PCs to find his wife’s stolen wedding ring and he will give them 1000 gold in trading post product. Svetlana also asks the PCs if they will bring back moon radishes and she will reward them. The PCs then receive a bandit wanted poster to kill six bandits. During the night their prisoner escapes. The PCs ride to South and finds the radish patch which is where they kill four Kobolds and encounter a large elk who doesn’t like that they invaded it’s living space and it attacks. The elk is injured and runs away. The PCs go further south and encounter the bandit camp they wanted to find. It is a tough fight and Dorian is almost taken down but the PCs prevail. They almost slaughter everyone but Mararaja stabilizes one bandit. They get quite the load of loot but the wedding ring is not there. They take everything back to the trading post to sell and to heal. At the trading post they meet Kesten Garess and his four military men who have come to protect Oleg’s.

The beginning

The players meet with Mack Townsend who gives them their charter which allows them to explore some of the stolen lands and rid it of villians, specifically the Stag Lord. The players travel to Oleg’s trading post. At the trading post the meet Svetlana and Oleg, two seemingly good people who just want to stay out of the political fray of Brevoy. The trading post is having issues with banditry and they implore the players to help them with this problem. The players agreed to help and set about creating a trap and surprise for the bandits. Only four bandits attack the trading post and the PCs easily defeat them. They kill three weaker bandits but they keep the stronger one alive. This Bandit’s name is Happs Bydon and he wears a silver stag amulet around his neck. The PCs quickly find out that this man is a coward and has never met the Stag Lord who they seek. He gives them some information but nothing extremely useful. The players then rest for the night and plan on exploring in the morning.


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